What are you afraid of? What is the hold-up? Why haven’t you begun that project?

WHY are you scared to start?

Sometimes we think “Well if I don’t start, I can’t be disappointed with not finishing. I can’t be upset if something goes wrong.”

Sometimes it’s easier to sit on the side-line of “What if?” than to get in the game & lose. Or so we think.


Because ‘what if’ still allows us our dream—unbothered, unshaken, but also untried. It allows us to always be talking about what we’re ‘fitna do’ instead of what we have done.

The truth is… starting does take nerve. Yes, finishing is important but STARTING requires you to see all variables & still have the gall to want to solve the equation. It requires you to see yourself clearly, see the goal, sees how scary the steps are to get there, how much work it will take & BEGIN ANYWAY.

It is a courageous act. It is revolutionary to start.

The only way to start is…well…to START. In the moment you feel it, START. Don’t wait until January or 9AM or Monday.

You’re going to be unsure, scared, and weird about the whole thing. So? START.



Your Thoughts?