A Day for Grace and Honoring Family

Thanksgiving2017-NSBNSBM will always stand with First Nation and Indigenous people, honoring their mourning on this day. We also recognize that for so many of us, this is a day of rest and reflection; a day where we love on our families and consider our blessings. Artists. Everyone. Give thanks for where you are right now in this moment.

Is everything perfect? No.

Have you finished what you started? Maybe not.

But, you’re in the process. You’re further than where you were last year this time. (If you’re not, check our blog post named “Start.” 😉).Every day you wake up & put ANY effort to any of your goals, you are THAT much closer.

So, say GRACE over yourself & give thanks for the journey you’re on & those who are with you. Hold your family/friends a little tighter today & breathe in every moment because regardless of what is happening right now, it will NEVER be THIS way again.

So, in the words of Hilary Rushford,

With Grace & Gumption,

Much love from the New Season Books & Media Team

Your Thoughts?