Growing Through Pain

Today’s post is written by guest contributor, Adrienne Carwheel. Adrienne is a sign language interpreter by profession and has always created community through connections and sharing resources. More recently, she has implemented the use of essential oils and holistic health to overcome some health challenges in her family. Click HERE to learn more about her work. 

My oldest daughter came to me last year at 9 with long gangly legs and knobby knees, complaining of “growing pains.”

I used to think this was a figment of her imagination because I don’t remember it being painful for me, to grow physically. I have been 5 feet tall since the 7th grade and have resided here since then. #funsized

I gave her some natural remedies for the pain she was experiencing and I explained that sometimes pain comes with growth. Sometimes people can’t see you growing or, they will expect you to grow at a different rate.

In relationships, we often wait for others to change but become impatient with that process. We expect growth in places where people aren’t ready.

What if the lesson that continues to show up on your radar is for you? What if the character that you need to develop (patience, love, forgiveness, kindness, gentleness) is in the rub and friction that comes from being close to someone you are waiting for to change?

Often, our growth comes from pain. May I always be ready to receive the lessons that come with growth and shift my view to think of others much more graciously as they grow as well.

How have you been impatient when waiting for someone else to change? In what ways can you be more gracious to that person and to yourself during the process of growth?

Your Thoughts?