Angela Johnson Ayers

“I believe that laughter, a good therapist and God can make any situation better. I have overcome depression/anxiety, obesity, an abusive first marriage, miscarriage, post partum depression and much more and I use those experiences to help others. I am in my element when I am using my voice to encourage, enlighten, challenge and even entertain people, all in the hopes of helping them succeed in every area of life. My podcast, “Life Cannot Weight,” allows me to cover topics such as mommyhood, relationships, mental health, self-esteem, weight, pop culture, life, and much more. I was blessed with the gift of gab, and love using it to empower and entertain others!” – Angela Johnson Ayers

Angela Johnson Ayers, a Maryland native, is the second oldest of six children. She has two loving parents who have been married for over 50 years. Angela obtained a Master degree in Public Administration in 1996 and a Bachelor’s in Political Science in 1993. Her vast knowledge, skills and abilities allowed her to acquire occupations in the areas of education, politics and the non-profit sector. She has worked as a Middle School Principal, Educational Consultant, Political Consultant and Program Manager, to name a few.

In 199,  Angela authored the book, “Helpful Hints for College Bound Students,” a book that covers every aspect of college; from packing, to choosing a major. Penn State University, Hoop Dreams Inc., The Congressional Youth Leadership Council, along with various churches and educational groups invited Angela to present on the books topics. “Although I have held diverse and interesting jobs, my true love and passion has always been to help others overcome and soar.”

Mrs. Johnson-Ayers desire to help others reach their personal, social, relational, emotional, physical and professional goals was birthed through much pain, negative self-talk and low self-esteem. “I know what it’s like to feel invisible. To be put down, teased and mistreated simply because you do not fit the status quo. During most of my life, I was very overweight. My struggle with weight impacted me tremendously. I felt like I was less due to my size. I allowed my obesity to place me in a downward spiral of bad relationships and self-sabotaging actions and situations.” Throughout much of Angela’s’ teen and adult life, she would lose 100 lbs. only to gain it back again, over and over and over. In 2006, Angela tipped the scales at her heaviest weight of 318 lbs. Today she has lost over 140 lbs.

In 2007 Angela became a certified fitness instructor and certified personal trainer. As she explains in her wellness workshops, anyone who needs to get healthy must find the path that works for them. “Bariatric surgery helped put me on a path to better health. It is not for everyone, and no matter what weight loss path one takes, the transformation must start from the inside /out.” Angela now uses all she learned through her weight struggles, battle with low self-esteem, and many of life’s trials, and created “Enhancing Beauty from the Inside/Out” workshops.

These workshops aid women of all ages, cultures and walks of life in identifying emotional, relational, mental, and physical barriers to positive self- esteem, positive image, career achievement, relational success and overall life satisfaction. She also provides fashion advice for all body types, make-up techniques, skin and hair care strategies and exercise pointers for all weight categories. Angela pursued a career in modeling and was a contestant in the 2000 Ms. plus USA Pageant.

Angela’s second love is being on stage. “I have been acting, dancing and performing ever since I was 5 years old. I danced for RJV Dance Company from ages 5-17. As a young girl, my dad got us a huge podium and had us consistently practice using proper diction, elocution, and articulation by memorizing and/or reciting poems, plays, speeches, etc. I must admit, I LOVE the stage and in my most un-humble voice, it loves me back!”

Angela is also the writer, producer and actor of “Well I’ll be Darned, I’m Okay After All.” A one woman play that takes the audience through a visual, mental and emotional journey through Angela’s life dealing with love, loss, weight, body image, a verbally abusive first marriage and the road back to redemption. The play debuted in 2008 in Philadelphia, PA and received rave reviews.

In 2008, Angela gave birth to she and husband Larry’s their first child together. Angela endured many of the ups and downs that come with being a new mother. “The second I delivered Aunna, I literally felt fear enter my heart, mind and emotions. I experienced postpartum depression like so many women do. In 2012, after giving birth to our second daughter Lillian, I felt like I had a slightly better handle on mommy hood. During my journey of being a new mom, and a stay home mom at that, I battled feelings of depression, guilt, professional stagnation, burn out, and personal unfulfillment.” After conversing with other moms, Angela realized that a large majority shared her same emotions.

So, in 2013, Angela, along with renowned author Tracey Michae’l Lewis-Giggetts co-wrote the ebook, Blast Off! Launching You into Motherhood – A 21 Day Devotional for the New Mom. This short daily devotional gives new and seasoned moms a chance to steal a few precious moments to refuel and regain a clearer perspective into being mom.

In 2013, Angela also became a “mommy blogger” and created The site allows moms from all walks of life to bond, get encouragement and laugh through the responsibilities of motherhood. In 2014 Angela launched her YouTube channel, Life Cannot Weight. It provides insightful and entertaining short videos for anyone desiring to lay aside any thing that could weigh one down mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, socially, and relationally.

“Laughter Pills for Moms, A 31 Day Supply,” is Angela’s latest book that provides witty, as well as encouraging stories that most mothers face and deal with on a daily basis. “Being a mom is a sisterhood that transcends race, color, creed or religion. We need one another!” Coming in 2018, Angela will be performing “Laughter Pills for Moms,” a one woman show in various cities across the United States.

Angela and Larry reside in North Carolina and are enjoying raising their two daughters. To contact Angela for speaking engagements or questions, email her at abjconsultingllc at gmail dot com

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