Claudia Love Mair

Claudia Love Mair is a writer, mixed media artist, intuitive painting teacher, and wild-hearted painter. She’s an inspirationalista who, when she’s not creating something herself, spends her energy helping other creative souls tap into their deepest intuition and soul longings through writing and painting. Some people need a kick in the butt to begin creating, or to finish a project, and she’s got the paint splattered feet to do the job.

Claudia’s writing career began with a blog in 2004; she started Ragamuffin Diva as a place to share her messy, but authentic spiritual journey. Over time her blog has attracted thousands of readers and led to multiple book deals. Claudia published ten titles, both fiction and nonfiction, that she wrote under the name Claudia Mair Burney, and was honored to write the Afterward to Brennan Manning’s The Furious Longing of God. She was nominated for a Christy Award for Zora and Nicky: A Novel in Black and White, and her novel Wounded: A Love Story was cited as Best of Christian Fiction in 2008 by the Library Journal. Through her writing, Claudia has crossed paths with many creative and hot-mess pilgrims, and many of those encounters lead to soul friendships.

Claudia is also a certified Master Intuitive Painting and Expressive Arts facilitator, workshop presenter and retreat director. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Family Life Education with an emphasis in Christian Ministry. She’s also played the role of Mental Health Associate on a busy behavioral health unit at a hospital. Her education and experience have uniquely equipped her to be a reliable guide through the creative process, to listen and offer gentle encouragement as clients pursue their creative dreams, whether they desire to write, paint, or simply express themselves. She recently announced her availability as a facilitator of writing, painting, and expressive arts workshops.

Known for her quirky humor, deep empathy, and intuitive approach to life, Claudia’s friends refer to her as an “old soul.” She considers herself Catholic with a generous orthodoxy. She’s not afraid to sift through someone’s deepest hurt and longest cries. She is covered in tattoos and color, and can often be found in glittery shoes. And she’s not afraid to admit that she occasionally falls into the Law and Order all-day-marathon vortex.

Claudia is Mama to a tribe of gifted, delightful sons, daughters and Godbabies, and a cat who acts like a dog. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky.

Claudia’s memoir, Don’t You Fall Now, will arrive in Winter 2018.

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