Sharon D. Moore

Sharon Denise Moore (writer, actress, singer, and inadvertent comedian) has a distinct worldview, largely informed by the first ten years of her life. In those years, she, the younger of two daughters born to a career Navy man from the southeastern U.S. and his wife, a career educator from the West Indies—both of whom deemed reading to be mandatory and stressed a commitment to serious study—came to share her parents’ and older sister’s deep love for books. The bold, quick-witted, sometimes mischievous “military brat” also developed a strong appreciation for cultural diversity and a penchant for people watching. She, to this day, enjoys sitting in public spaces, silently inventing backstories of people who cross her path. Such observations often spill into her work as a fiction writer, aiding her in creating characters whose behaviors and turns of phrase ring true.

A well-rounded reader, Sharon regularly supports authors in a variety of genres, and that variety also feeds her own craft, as does her longtime experience living all over the world and being thrust into numerous situations in which she was regarded as “the other.” In neighborhoods, classrooms, work environments, churches and socialsituations, she has frequently discovered herself the only person of color… occasionally, one of very few people of color. Themes of inclusion and the search for identity or home have, as a direct result, found their way into her personal philosophy and, ultimately, her writing.

It was in the late nineties that a fellow church member encouraged Sharon to share, in written form, her many thoughtful spoken positions on weighty matters. The outcome of her taking that advice was a stint writing opinion pieces for a small, local newspaper, followed by another for the “singles” section of her church’s newsletter; an online e-zine; and Anointed, a print magazine.

After a series of dreams in 2001 and 2002, which prompted her to begin journaling her dreams, she realized she had wandered into the premise of her first novel and, consequently, her first fiction series. She had officially caught the author bug, but never had a work published until she signed with NewSeason Books and released her first novel, Hidden in Plain Sight.

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