Congrats on Your Engagement: Letters to Tiffany by Neysa E. Taylor

Congrats on Your Engagement: Letters to Tiffany

THIS IS NOT A TEST. Strategic use of the engagement period is critical to the success of your marriage. In the form of letters to a dear friend, Neysa Taylor shares her heart about the triumphs and trials of marriage—all the things she’d wished she’d known prior to saying “I DO.” Her dynamic and refreshingly transparent storytelling implores the engaged person to use the time of engagement to spiritually, mentally, and physically prepare for marriage. Taylor writes: “Choose authenticity from the very beginning. You cannot keep up a false version of you forever. Having a marriage that is based on falsehood and being inauthentic will kill you. It will suck the life right out of you. But you don’t have to put on a facade because guess what? He chose you. You chose him. Now it’s time to get about the business of learning to live and love each other—for the long haul.” With over half of all marriages ending in divorce, Taylor’s candor illustrates her commitment to ensuring that you are fully prepared for your union. From embracing extended family, having an active sex life, planning for children and even overcoming adultery, she shares both the sweetness and the land mines that come with merging two lives together. (RELEASE DATE: MAY 29TH. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING)