Hands and Feet of God by Sophia Avery

Hands and Feet of God: How a First Responders Ministry Can Help the Church Meet the Needs of People in Crisis

“What can the church do NOW to help the communities it serves?” The truth is, there are many churches and ministries that do very well with addressing the immediate needs of their congregations and/or community. They have food pantries, give to homeless shelters, have emergency funds, etc. But what about the more serious needs of individuals and communities in crisis? People face crisis situations everyday–everything from emotional and financial issues to events such as alcohol and drug addiction and mental health complications. How does the Christian church respond to these crises that exist in our communities? In this groundbreaking work, The Hands and Feet of God, Christian Therapist, Sophia Avery, offers insight and assistance to churches and ministries who are seeking to provide efficient and effective service to people in crisis. The book will walk you through the development of an infrastructure-building plan for the creation of a “First Responders” ministry. This innovative ministry design prepares your church or ministry to take a leadership role in helping people in crisis through the partnering with community-based social and human service providers. The format will revolutionize the traditional missions and benevolence ministry function by transitioning responsibility and accountability from church leaders to a team with the goal of not only responding to people in crisis, but also walking alongside individuals as they learn to resolve the contributing and consequential issues of the crisis.