I AM A DIAMOND by Pamela Major


I AM A DIAMOND: A Journal and Playbook for Life by Pamela Major

You are a diamond. You are perfectly crafted for greatness. You have survived the pressures of life. Now it’s time to shine! I AM A DIAMOND is a journal and playbook inviting readers to see themselves as the precious jewels we all are. It will encourage you to change your thinking and therefore, change your life. Life can be challenging. We ask questions about our difficulties and the answers we come up with, often don’t add up. We may be moving but we aren’t advancing. That’s when it’s time for a change. That’s when it’s time to think differently—to speak differently. I AM A DIAMOND offers every reader the opportunity to do the work of sustaining herself in this truth: I am loved. I am valuable. I am precious in God’s sight! Won’t you declare yourself a “diamond” today? RELEASE DATE: MARCH 20TH. GET YOUR COPY TODAY! (Pricing includes standard shipping)