[Pre-Order] Church Girls [Too] – Tracey Lewis-Giggetts – Fall 2019 release

[Pre-order] Church Girls, Too by Tracey Lewis-Giggetts FALL RELEASE

SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN ------- For far too many, sexual abuse and assault is a kind of rite of passage in our adolescence and young adulthood. So much so that we carry enough trauma to keep therapists (and liquor stores, if we’re honest) in business forever. Sadly, the Church and some of its leaders have a long history of protecting perpetrators, victim blaming, and/or simply being silent on these issues. This, opposed to being the ultimate defenders of girls and women who have experienced these violations. One also cannot ignore the fact that there are theologies that actually support these responses—theologies that survivor/writer Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts believes is the antithesis to the message of Jesus. Church Girls [Too] simultaneously challenges these theologies while offering women and girls of faith like Tracey a voice to finally say, “Enough!” PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING