Letters to the Finishers by Candace E. Wilkins


Letters to the Finishers (who struggle to finish) by Candace E. Wilkins

Letters to the Finishers is not a book for the go-getters. It’s for the stay-putters. The disabled-dreamers. The stuck-in-a-rutters. The pattern-holders. The self-saboteurs. The fear-incapacitated. It’s for those who are stuck in the start-stop cycle in various aspects of their lives. It’s for the person who can’t seem to get over the hump of finishing. NSB Author Candace E. Wilkins wrote this book because she wished someone had written this book for her. In the form of letters and in a way that’s both dynamic and challenging, Candace reveals her own journey toward becoming a finisher, including the role that childhood trauma and bad habits played in hindering her forward movement. Letters to the Finishers is not about changing specific behaviors to get a desired result. It’s about confronting and changing yourself. If you’ve ever struggled to finish what you have started and have no clue as to how to remedy that, this is the book you’ve been waiting on. SHIPPING INCLUDED IN PRICE.