[Pre-Order] Sex and the Church Girl


[Pre-Order] Sex and the Church Girl (an essay collection) – MAY 14TH RELEASE

SHIPPING IS INCLUDED --------- Theologies of sex within Christianity vary depending on the sect, denomination, and/or general interpretation of related scriptures. Because so much of that theology and its practice has historically had a patriarchal bent, women have often not had a voice when it comes to Christian perspectives on sex and sexuality. The voices of women have either been left out of the discussion entirely or ideals about their bodies and experiences with sex have been depicted and determined as “good” or “bad”  by men.  This collection of essays will highlight the stories of women who either grew up in the church context or identify as Christians currently. Each piece explores how one’s understanding of sex and sexuality is formed, informed, and misinformed by the varying approaches to sex found in the church.  Featuring Essays by:  Angela Johnson Ayers, Rainah Chambliss, Felecia Commodore, Jessica Harris, Tracey Lewis-Giggetts, Sharon Moore, Alexus Rhone, Cyndi Swinton-Jackson, Leah Williams- Tate, and Candace Wilkins