The Search for Susu by Marcella McCoy Deh and T.M. Giggetts

The Search for Susu

When Dr. Francine Carty imagined becoming a tenured professor at one of Philadelphia’s most revered institutions of higher learning, she never considered just how winding the road to fulfilling her dream would be. The financial and psychological hardships she encounters as an adjunct/part-time professor seem to diminish her dreams into fantasies. Complicating matters is her intermittent relationship with a handsome colleague with a not-so-secret agenda. Taking advantage of a moment of clarity, Francine lands the opportunity of lifetime—a research fellowship to Ghana sponsored by a secret global network of highly successful women. But calamity awaits as Francine learns just how low she can fall when an unfortunate decision goes viral and devastates her reputation at home and abroad. Humbly, Francine faces her truth and does the work to overcome the pain of shame and rejection with the help of an incredibly intriguing stranger. Despite a second chance though, Francine is unsure if she can climb out of the muck of her own making when she returns stateside to face expectant family, friends and colleagues. Will she have to give up the life she envisioned? Which of her relationships will survive the fall out?