The Truth Behind the Music by Byron Ravenell

The Truth Behind the Music

WHY DO SOME PEOPLE JUST SEEM “WIRED” FOR MUSIC? The answer is more powerful than you know. Music is a universal language that transcends culture, geography, and even time. Those who have been gifted to create music have been internally wired by God to affect the atmosphere with their sound. Every singer, musician, songwriter, composer, disc jockey, sound engineer, dancer, promoter, and music executive is what Byron Ravenell calls a sound maker and God has specifically wired sound makers for a very unique purpose. The Truth Behind the Music leads the reader into another dimension of both Biblical revelation and natural understanding as it relates to the source of a sound makers’ purpose. As much as creating, performing, enhancing, and utilizing music requires tremendous skill, music has a purpose that extends beyond itself. God has always had a specific purpose in mind when He created the universe and humankind. Music is a crucial instrument in bringing that purpose to pass. The author uses the stories of prophets and other biblical figures to demonstrate how God has been preparing to use the genres of music we hear today.