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We are currently accepting manuscripts!

NewSeason Books and Media is serious about producing TRANSFORMATIONAL CONTENT. Particularly when it comes to books, we are actively looking for content that is boundary breaking and will change lives.  If you have a book that you think fits our vision, please submit a book proposal as a WORD or PDF DOCUMENT ONLY that includes the following:

  • a statement detailing what your book is about;
  • a biography that includes your writing credentials and publications as well as your marketing platform.
  • a description of how your book differs from others on the market on the same subject;
  • chapter titles, each with a short chapter synopsis;
  • two or three completed chapters;
  • the approximate completion date of your writing project.

Please note: We are only seeking fiction and nonfiction at this time. Nonfiction includes ministry materials, memoirs, biographies, self-help, business and leadership, etc. POETRY BOOKS will NOT be reviewed.

We seriously consider every appropriate project submitted. Please forward your proposal and chapters to newseasonbooks at gmail dot com.